I am keeping up with Aysha Harun on youtube. I ignore a video of her Nikkah. Peer pressure . Didn’t she marry two years ago and divorce? I focus on the recent trip she took three months ago . She was in Morocco with her besties . I contemplate calling Sumaya Ali , my best friend who is an accountant . I am sure Abi would not mind paying for a trip to Tunisia. Yup. If Aysha went to Morocco , then I will go somewhere else. Of course I copy Muslima influencers but in not so obvious ways.

I am day dreaming about how popping my insta will look when Sumayah and I hit Tunisia when my mother disturbs my peace . “”Princess , you have an a match you didn’t open on marrymuslim.” I reply that it’s probably another brother looking for a third wife and laugh it off . She tells me to check it out .

I scream as soon as I see who it is. It cannot possibly be my high school crush – Amir Salman . Well , he was so modest he never even looked girls in the eye but gosh , everybody had fantasies about him . Being half Persian and Indian , all the Indian Muslimas from Durban thought he belonged to them . Khadiga , one of my worst bullies who probably had the intuition I kind of liked him , made it clear that just because our names kind of matched- Amirah and Amir , I must not even imagine he would look at ne . She is now married to a man in his forties , stuck at home with three children already so, that didn’t age well . That is what happens to mean girls- they land in unhappy marriages . I hope most do .

Anyway , it’s probably a scam.. Somebody is pretending to be Amir Salman . I mean , if you Google , you will find a million Amir Salmans .