My co-workers think of me as a spoilt brat – personal drivers and all but I really love my training . I am left with three months before I can actually get a job as a nurse . I have been really great, if I do say so myself . They resent me because they know I will get a job at this small , intimate private hospital . I am good at what I do . I guess they feel it is unfair that I come from a well-off family while they don’t and still have the audacity to be good at what I do. I feel bad sometimes but what can one do ?

I am mostly in the cardiology department – the children’s side, learning to nurse children who are going through heart transplants . Children with heart issues . It is most fulfilling , seeing mothers leave with children who will live. It breaks me when we lose children . The head child cardiologist is an old Indian doctor , Bamjee who is rumored to be going into retirement soon . I wonder who will replace him . I have been be really enjoying him . He is Muslim too so we eat lunch together and he tells the funniest stories . Sometimes we pray together . Some people would find that odd since he’s a man but he’s like my grandfather . I have even met his family. He’s sad he only has granddaughters my age , no males because he would really enjoy me as a daughter in-law .

Soon its 4pm and I am back home . I am still smarting from the twar from yesterday so I ignore the socials . Some good muslimas called me out on my rudeness . I admit , it was very shaytaanic of me. Anyway , I think I’ll check out