As present André continues his conversations with the future self, he gains insights into personal growth and life lessons learned over the years. The future André shares both successes and regrets, helping present André understands the importance of self-reflection and the value of each moment in shaping one’s future.

Amidst all the excitement and curiosity, present-day André couldn’t help but crack a few jokes. “So I’m assuming you finally found a solution to our chronic absent-mindedness problem then?”

Future André let out a hearty laugh. “Oh no, my friend. If anything, it only got worse! Turns out we’re still misplacing things left and right even after all these years.”

As they continue their conversation, Future André reveals some key life advice that leaves Present André completely dumbfounded. He learns about missed opportunities and regrets that could have been avoided with just a little more confidence and courage.

But amidst all the laughter and revelations, Future André warned present-day André about upcoming challenges and urged him to make certain choices differently in order to avoid some pitfalls. It was like talking to a wise mentor who had already experienced it all.