When I’m not in the mood

I can see that you have fewer reasons to love me than I you

You expect me to feel the same everyday

I’m not wired up to always want to do the deed right away

Your crotch is invading my space

I feel so weak when I fight you off trying to undress me

My body is my personal space

And with you around it doesn’t feel very safe

I like it when you’re my safe space and I can talk to you about anything

But sometimes you violate that same space when you insist i sleep with you

You’ll never understand but on top of being annoying it’s hurtful

I’m trying to explain to you

Why today I just can’t do

But it feels like passing gas in a swimming pool

You keep asking for answers but you won’t accept them

I thought I knew you better than this

I wish I decided to make love instead of giving in