I only got out of my room once or twice and during those time I took a better look at Sthembiso my bodyguard. He was huge, that was one thing I noticed when I paid more attention at him, I don’t think I have ever seen such a tall person before, I had to crane my neck to look at him.

I found it rather impossible for someone to be so huge and have such huge muscles and still be regarded as a human being. Unlike my father he didn’t fuss over me, for the first time in a long time I could breath.

Sthembiso didn’t treat me like I was some fragile egg, like I was going to crack at any given moment.

Today was my third day being here in Cape Town, with my bodyguard and in these past three days I had not said one word to him for the past 2 days I was grateful that I didn’t have to suffer some awkward and forced conversations but then when I woke up today realised that I can’t live with someone I can’t have one conversation with and besides that I missed having to talk. I had been talking with both Lizzie and my mother on the phone but it was never the same as talking with someone physically.

Sthembiso was sitting in the kitchen when I went to open the fridge and it was packed with food, but nothing interested me in there. I took a deep breath closed the fridge and turned around to look at Sthembiso who was sitting at the kitchen barstool his hands resting on the counter while he scrolled on his phone.

Even though he was busy with his phone, he looked like his other senses were more active and was ready for some action.

“Have you eaten anything?”

Talking out loud sounded strange but I didn’t focus too long on my voice as I watched Sthembiso lift up his head and looked at my direction, Lizzie was right, he was truly handsome, he nodded and continued to look at his phone.

A hot ball of disappointment settled on my stomach, I wanted to hear his voice. It didn’t count that he spoke to me when he fetched me at my house. I hadn’t paid him enough attention back then but now I wanted him to speak and say something so that I could know if his voice was rough like him or smooth like how his skin looked.

“Can we go out to eat?”