Makukhanye have been ignoring me ever since we left her home, even when we landed but I didn’t mind much, I had nothing to say to her and I didn’t want to force conversation. I was glad that she probably felt the same way.

I was only paid to guard her and not be her chat buddy plus it gave me time to scout the area we were headed and memorise it like the back of my hand.

The apartment we were going to stay at came into view. I thanked the driver when we got out, Makukhanye grabbed her luggage before I could take it, I took a deep breath and let out a deep sigh when I took out my suitcase from the boot, I guess she was not going to make this any easier.

The apartment was huge and spacious with minimum decorations but it was beautiful. Makukhanye brushed passed me and went to find her room. I shook and left my suitcase in the kitchen and went to look around the partment and the whole building, plus the car that Melusi got for us to use while were in Cape Town. I had the floor plan of this place but there was nothing that could beat me having to look around the place physically after I was done I went back to the apartment and took my bag into my room.

I placed my bag in the closet not bothering to put my closets in the hangers. I stripped off my clothes and went to the shower to loosen my tight muscles.

The water did the wonders on my body when I stepped out I felt like a new man all the tension resting on my shoulders was all gone.

I put on a new suit and went to the kitchen where I brewed my coffee and sat down on the chair. Many people found it weird sitting alone but I enjoyed it, I loved my solitude and was not intimidated by it.

For the rest of the day I did not see Makukhanye, I would have been worried that she would probably die from starvation but a pizza was delivered an hour ago and she came down to fetch it, pretending not to notice me and I also had to pretend not notice her. But it was hard not to notice someone like Makukhanye.

I even saw the delivery man checking her out, I did not blame him. Makukhanye was beautiful, even when she was wearing nothing but her purple pyjamas and her braids tied into a lazy bun she still looked beautiful,as beautiful as she was I never saw her as more than my friends sister and a client I had to guard and protect.

I retired to bed at exactly 9 p.m after making sure that the place was secured and locked.

But before I could get into bed and sleep I gave Melusi a quick review of today knowing that he would want to know about today and how everything went after the call ended I stepped inside my bed, it did not take me long before sleep could find me.