I watched as Makukhanye pushed the door open, storming inside her father’s office. This was the first time I saw her face to face. The only thing I got from Melusi was an email granting me a job and a picture of his girl.

I couldn’t say no to the job, after all Melusi was my mentor and the person I looked up to. I owed him my life so I took the job without thinking twice plus I was not doing anything at the moment.

I have met Menzi a thousand times already, he is what I considered a friend. I have also heard him talk about his sister a few times but I have never met her that was until now.

The tip of her ears were red like how red a hot sauce is. Melusi might have mentioned that his daughter would not be happy when she learns about me and he was right. Makukhanye’s ears were basically coming out with smokes, she looked like she was about to murder someone.

From what I have gathered Melusi treats her like a princess and would make sure to send a person six feet under if they ever dared touch a single strand on Makukhanye’s head.

Judging by how she walked out 2 minutes later still fuming was the fact that she didn’t want me here but that didn’t bother me not even for the slightest I have met and guarded over a dozen people who never liked me and they didn’t have to like me, Melokuhle didn’t terrify me that much, maybe that was why Melusi hand picked me for this job.

“I see that you have met my sister.” Menzi said coming to join me in the lounge. I was 5 years older than him but he was really smart for his age, he even graduated a year early from high school and decided to join his father’s company the minute he left high school.

“Yeah I have.” I said stuffing my hands in my pockets walking outside him. “She didn’t know I was coming?”

Menzi shook his head “She would have said no.” Melokuhle walked out not once did she look at me as she stepped inside the car sitting at the backseat.

“Good luck on handling her.” Menzi laughed tapping me on the shoulder. “Thanks, I think I’m gonna need it.”