4 months flew by quickly before I knew it I was getting ready to leave. I woke up with my heart full of joy and happiness knowing that this will be the final morning I would spend here.

I stopped dead on my tracks when I saw a huge guy with muscles poking from his shirt standing at the living room. What was he doing here? I walked into the kitchen and found my mother making some breakfast. I sat on the chair and watched as she turned over the pancakes.

“Who is that guy out there?” I asked, when the curiosity got the better off me.

“Your bodyguard.” my mother answered as if it were the most casual thing in the world. She spoke like we were talking the weather or what to have for breakfast.

I almost choked on my saliva, I let out a cough and cleared my throat “My what?” My mother lifted her head so that she could look at me “You know your father.” She didn’t continue but I already what she wanted to say. I was fuming and mad, why was this never discussed with me?

I stomped into my father’s office, I didn’t bother with knocking, I just burst through and found my father typing on his laptop, he didn’t even budge at the door being opened wide and with full force. After a second he lifted his head and looked at me briefly before turning back to his laptop “I gather that you saw your bodyguard.”

I took a deep breath trying to calm my fuming nerves which where ready to explode “You didn’t say anything about me getting a bodyguard.”

“So?” He spoke absent minded while typing on his laptop.

“So? I don’t need one. I am an adult dad, you can’t keep treating me like I am a kid.”

My father shut his laptop down, leaned back on his chair and looked at me “I can always tell him to go.”

I smiled a little, finally I was getting my way. “Thank you.” I said turning around, ready to leave the office but his voice stopped me dead on my tracks “That is if you no longer want to go to Cape Town anymore.”

I slowly turned around and looked at my father who was staring back at me, his hands resting on his wooden sparkling desk. “But,”

“But nothing.”He opened his laptop again, now no longer looking at me he continued “It is either you are going to Cape Town with a bodyguard or you are staying right here at home doing an online course.”

I swallowed down the remark I was about to make and walked out, making sure that I leave the door open.