I’m outside.

Tisetso had sent that text 2 minutes ago, in that 2 minutes I have been pacing in my room, nerves forming a ball in my stomach. I was already dressed just incase my father did allow me to go out with Tisetso.

We had agreed that we will give my father a day to cool off before he could come. I had no doubt in mind that Tisetso would be able to handle my father but why was I so nervous? I was terribly scared, I had watched people come into my life and soon left when they met my father. I guess that’s why my palms were clammy because I didn’t want Tisetso to leave me, just like all the other guys who up and left me soon after meeting Menzi or my father.

I counted to 10, took a deep breath and walked out off my room. My father’s eyes bore a hole on my back when I went to open the front door. Tisetso was already waiting at the doorway, he had a small smile when he saw me, I smiled gently back at him, he had put on a suit as if that would melt my father’s icy heart and warm the cold stare that he was giving Tisetso.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” Tisetso had said when I told him that my father would be difficult. Tension built in the room when I closed the door and turned too look at my father. “Dad, this is Tisetso, Tisetso this is my father Melusi.”

Tisetso smiled and extended his hand. My father looked at Tisetso hand, not bothering to take out his hands from his pockets. With a tight smile Tisetso dropped his hand and cleared his throat.

My father shifted his gaze from Tisetso and looked at me “Go and help your mother in the kitchen with the drinks.” This was just his way of saying go away so that I can grill this little boy who thinks is a man.

I didn’t want to leave them alone fearing that I might come back with Tisetso already gone but with my father’s hard stare pressing down on me I gave out a stiff nod and headed to the kitchen.

“They’ll scare him away.” I said when I walked into the kitchen finding my mother pouring some drinks. She smiled a little lifting her head to look at me “They won’t.” she walked up to me, with the tray of drinks on her hands and handed it to me and gently nudged me out of the door way. Surprisingly Tisetso was still here and he had not even wet his pants. That had to be a good sign, right?

I doubted that many guys would survive this long, at least this meant we still had hope to hold on to. My mother cleared her throat when we walked in the lounge making everyone turn to look at us, I shoved a quick smile to Tisetso before placing the drinks on the table.

“Bring her home by 10 p.m sharp if not I’ll hunt you down and cut of that tongue of yours that would be buried deep inside my daughters throat.”

Tisetso started shaking a little, he nodded his head. His eyes bounced from my brother to my father, it was obvious that he was getting nervous but on the good note he had not wet his pants and I was crossing my fingers and toes that my father didn’t change his mind “Will do.” Tisetso answered, we didn’t even have the chance to drink our drinks before dragging Tisetso out with me.

I didn’t want my father to do a 180 on me, we quickly said our goodbyes and hurried to the door.