It has been 3 days and I still could not forget about seeing Makukhanye in that pool. I knew that I shouldn’t have followed her, it was a stupid idea but I could not stop myself.

I had first watched her from the balcony when she stepped into the pool, I could have turned around and went back to bed but instead I went downstairs with a towel in hand because I knew that she didn’t bring any.

I was supposed to leave the towel next to her sandals but I ended watching her, she looked peaceful, with her eyes closed, floating freely in that water.

When she noticed me, I saw interest in her eyes. Interest that was never supposed to be there, to be fair Makukhanye was beautiful, any guy would kill just to have a chance with her.

I never saw her like that, I was never meant to see her like that, to me she was only a client but that logic left me stranded that night when our eyes met, something deep in me stirred up jocking my emotions awake.

Melusi would torture me if he ever saw me look at his daughter the way I was looking at her that night but I could not make myself to look away from her not even for a second, it felt like my eyes were glued on her making it hard to just look away.

But things were now awkward between us.

I tried not look at Makukhanye as she furiously chopped some fruits, she was making a smoothie but she looked annoyed or rather frustrated.

I watched as she murdered the fruits, I was scared for her, scared that she might cut her fingers with the way she was furiously chopping the strawberries.

She placed down the knife with a bit of a thud and marched over to me with her hands crossed on her chest.

“Kiss me.”

What? I looked at Makukhanye to see if she had gone mad. I stood up placing down the remote “What did you say?” I heard her loud and clear but maybe I somehow misheard her.

“I want you to kiss me, this is an order.”

The side of my lips cocked up I wanted to tell her that she was not my boss but I kept quiet, with my hands buried deep in my pockets.


I would have kissed her, Lord knows how much I thought about kissing her but if our lips were to touch that would mean I would be crossing the thin line between us, crossing the line I was never supposed to cross.

“Is it because I am ugly? Am I not your type?”

“You are beautiful Makukhanye, more than beautiful. You are smart, and have a smart mouth but I can’t kiss you.”

She stepped closer to me leaving no space in between and looked up at me “Or maybe you are a bad kisser,” She laughed a little turning around “I see.” I knew that she was just taunting me, like dazzling a banana in-front of a monkey and just like stupid a monkey I fell for the bait.

I pulled her closer to me knocking the air right out of her chest, our chest were now squeezing against each other. I smashed my lips with hers, all of my rational thinking flown out of the window, nothing mattered now that our lips were locked together.

We were both breathing a little too hard when we pulled away from each other. Looking at her now, a bit dazed I knew that I had messed up big time, because now it would be a little too hard for me to let her go and a double damn because Melusi would want to have my head hanged if he were to ever find out.