For the past 2 months Kandy and I have grown close to each other. We had spent many school days in the library, the weekends we would be at the malls and many nights we would be in my apartment or in her res room.

I also got over whatever feelings I had for Sthembiso. In the past two months our relationship had gradually changed we now spoke a little with each other but it was not enough for me to call him a friend. He was still my bodyguard, he had made that clear.

I had to also remind myself that Sthembiso was my bodyguard now and again and the fact that he had a boundary he was not supposed to break and that boundary included having any kind of relationship with me that went beyond over him protecting me as my bodyguard and I didn’t mind.

Sthembiso was easy in the eyes and sometimes I would find myself looking at him while he worked out in the garden but it was not because I was interested in him, I mean who in their right mind wouldn’t look at any guy who was working out?

“What do you want in a guy?” Kandy asked, I was not sure how we got to this part of the conversation, oh right we were talking about her boyfriend and somehow we got to this part of the topic, the one topic I hated being part of.

We were sitting outside on the bench waiting to go to our next class. I shrugged my shoulders taking a chip from the simba packet “I don’t know, I don’t think I have a type.”

Kandy rolled her eyes, placing down her phone on the table and looked at me “Sure you do, everyone has a type.”

I let out a sigh “Really I don’t know, I guess he has to be charming, kind, tall and handsome.” my mind had been stuck on Sthembiso while I was busy describing a man that I want.

I cleared my throat embarrassed at having such thoughts about my own bodyguard when I was just thinking about boundaries we were never supposed to cross. I was not supposed to have such thoughts about a man my father had paid to watch over me.