It was a Sunday and my head was pounding but what was keeping me in bed was not because of the hangover headache but because of my last night confession what was I thinking? No amount of me screaming will remove all the embarrassment I was feeling right now, I was never ever going to drink alcohol ever again.

The ceiling had been rather interesting to watch, I have been staring at it since the very second I opened my eyes and that was 20 minutes ago, my stomach has also been growling non stop, not making things easier.

I closed my eyes with a force as a memory of me telling Sthembiso about my plan of wanting to be deflowered came to mind. I didn’t know what I was thinking last night and I couldn’t blame it on alcohol, I had two to glasses of alcohol. Okay granted I have never been a heavy drinker. The first time I had some alcohol was when my father had hosted some kind of business dinner and there was alcohol in there and me being me I stole one beer and went outside to experience that feeling of having to drink alcohol. I was 15 and I barely got to enjoy it, I took two sips and drop it on the ground when I thought someone was coming.

Two sips was not enough for me to determine if I was a light or heavy drinker but last night I felt okay and maybe too comfortable if I were to guess.

After one final mental push, I managed to get up from the bed and the smell of bacon pulled me downstairs. Sthembiso was behind the stove and he was not in his usual business guard clothes instead he was wearing black sweatpants and a t-shirt he looked ordinary and not the serious bodyguard that he always was.

I could count in one hand how many times I have seen him wearing ordinary clothes when we were in the house. He gave me a quick glance, watching me getting closer to the kitchen counter.

I closed my eyes shut again when last night memory came flashing back into my mind when I sat down, what was wrong with me? At this second I was glad that Sthembiso was not a mind reader because I would have been mortified if he had heard my thoughts.

“I figured you must be tired of eating cereal.”

His back was turned on me giving me enough time to clear my thoughts and erase the stupid idea of me and my bodyguard being together like that. I cleared my throat to remove the nerves built in the back of my throat and swallowed them down.

“Thank you.”

It didn’t take him that long to finish up and he left me to eat alone while he went to the balcony. I have never ate one meal with him, and that has never bothered me before but I thought we had made some kind of progress last night but I guess I was wrong.