My eyes were trained on Makukhanye who was dancing to some low rhythm song. The club lights danced on her skin, illuminating her.

My feet walked over to her when some guy placed his hands on her waist and watched as she visibly tensed up. “Are you ready to go honey?”

There were times where I had to cause a scene and be a guard but tonight was not one of those nights. Makukhanye smiled at me and nodded “Mmhm.”

Thankfully the guy didn’t resist when I took Makukhanye away from him. I didn’t want to bloody my leather jacket it was still brand new.

The temperature of the night had decreased while we were in the club, I didn’t think twice when I shook off my jacket and wrapped it around Makukhanye’s shoulders when she tried to hug herself so as to keep warm.

The cold air bit into my skin when we hurried into the car but I didn’t care as long as Makukhanye was warm that was what mattered. The jacket was too big for her small frame but she held onto it tightly grateful to be getting some warmth.

“Are you hungry?” I asked when we stepped inside the car. Makukhanye looked at me, shocked that I dared to start a conversation when I had barely talked to her in these past few days but she quickly masked her shock and nodded.


It was too late for me to start making a full meal, so I decided to make a grilled sandwich and went to sit down with Makukhanye in the thick carpet next to the lit fireplace.

“This is good.” She said after taking a bite, I awkwardly smiled and mumbled a thank you, I was not used to getting much compliments I never knew how to digest them, they all came out like a pill, too big for me to swallow.

“I’m sorry about my outburst earlier.”

Makukhanye nodded as she warmed her hands with the coffee cup “You should be, you messed up my chances of me getting deflowered.”

I watched as her cheeks turned into a cherry colour, I was taken aback not because that I learned at the fact that she was still a virgin, it came as no surprise not when she has Menzi as her brother and Melusi as her father but because she told me that, it had to be the alcohol.

“There’s no need to rush.”

She snorted while taking a sip of her coffee “Easy for you to say. I was sheltered my whole life this was about my only chance to let go of everything and just be free.”

“You not missing out on anything trust me. You’ll probably wake up the following day regretting what you did.”

She shrugged her shoulders and looked down at her coffee as if it contained all of the world’s answers.

“Do you think that I’m attractive?”

Her voice was low with sadness, I lifted her chin and made her look at me “You are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on.”

“You’re just saying that, to make me feel better.”

“I don’t lie.” my thumb made small circles on her cheek. I didn’t want to look away from her beautiful eyes afraid that if I dared to look away I would be sucked back into reality where it was filled with a lot of rules that I had to follow.

Makukhanye cleared her throat breaking whatever bubble we were wrapped in making me pull my hand away.

“Thank you for all of this.” She stood up and nodded goodnight and hurried to her room.