I didn’t even know where I was going but what I knew was that I didn’t want to be anywhere near Sthembiso right now.

Who did he think he was? My father? I found myself in the bathroom, staring at myself in the mirror, but instead of seeing rage in my eyes I found nothing. It was not like I had interest for Sabelo and I was not disappointed that he had left, he probably went to another girl. What ticked me off was how that , the whole scene had reminded me of Menzi and how he messed everything up for me.

“You have a beautiful skin.” Said a girl next to me, fixing her makeup “And I saw what happened in the bar, who was he?”

“My bodyguard.”

The girl looked at me in shock “Who are you? The president’s daughter?” She asked and let out a chuckle while reapplying her lipstick.


She sticked out her hand at me and smiled “I’m Kandy.”


And for the rest of the night I hanged out with Kandy, she was actually pretty cool to be around with. “Is your bodyguard single.”

She had been eyeing at Sthembiso all night while we were dancing, I laughed “I don’t know, go try out your luck.” I shouted over the loud music.

I watched as Kandy left the dance floor and headed to Sthembiso. He stood out like a sore thumb with his seriousness at the bar area but he looked amazing tonight with his leather jacket on.

I watched as Kandy flirted with Sthembiso. Kandy was beautiful any guy would want to be with her but Sthembiso seemed uninterested and shook his head a couple of times before he lifted his eyes and looked at me. A ball of hotness rolled down from my chest to my stomach when our eyes locked.

For some reason I was relieved when Kandy came back alone, I should have been ashamed of myself but I wasn’t.

“He blew me off.” Kandy rolled her eyes, but she didn’t seem that much bothered by that as she shrugged the whole thing off and continued to dance. It didn’t take her that long to forget about Sthembiso, in just five minutes she had already found herself another guy to dance with.