I have never seen Makukhanye dressed up and looking this fancy before, I have only seen her wearing her onesie, and some baggy clothes but now as she descended the stairs, I couldn’t bring myself to tear my eyes away from her.

She looked spectacular with her blood red dress and some high heels. Her face was natural and free from makeup but her lips were shiny probably because of the lip gloss.

“I’m ready to go.”

I have been looking at her a minute too long, I shyly removed ny eyes from her and nodded opening the door for her.

The drive to the club was not that long, it only lasted for 15 minutes. The club was packed even though it was only 7:38 p.m. We were swallowed in by the loud music that was now vibrating in my ears threatening to destroy my eardrums.

We were at the bar area, when the guy who I saw speaking to Makukhanye earlier on today approached us with a big smile making me wish that I could wipe it off his face with the back of my hand.

“You made it.” He shouted over the loud music “You look amazing.” His head slowly turned in my direction and looked at me starting from my shoes up until to the top of my head “Is he your boyfriend?”

Makukhanye was about to respond when I cut her in “I am.” My voice was hard boiled and walked to him, we were now a breath away from each other “Now get lost.”

The guy looked at Makukhanye in a confused look and back at me, without arguing he left. I watched him leave, satisfied with my work I turned around to finding Makukhanye mad.

“What was that for?”

I wanted to open my mouth and say something, anything but my mouth stayed glued and shut. I also didn’t know what came over me, Melusi didn’t say anything about me meddling in Makukhanye’s love life even though he didn’t want his daughter to date.

“Ugh.” She said and stormed away before I could have a chance to stop her and try to explain myself, but what was I going to say to her? It was stupid of me to do what I had done. I had acted like a jealous boyfriend and not like a bodyguard, I was about to shout for Melokuhle to stop but the words died at the tip of my tongue when I saw her heading into the toilets direction.

I turned to the bartender and ordered something strong to help me forget what I had done a few minutes ago and maybe this drink will help give me time to think of an apology I was going to give to Makukhanye when she came back.