It’s was fourty six years ago
That the youth of 1976 ensured that their voices were heard
That their legacy will and still lives on
On the 16th of June, a day declared public holiday to recognise the bravery of protesters of Soweto
A day dedicated to the youth of today, to the youth of the country
A day that began as a peaceful demonstration by thousands of students against apartheid education policies
Blood was shed but was worth it
In remembrance of this events 16 June is worth celebrating for
Celebrate it in remembrance of the importance of the youth and their voices
Celebrate it because TODAY we have quality education
Celebrate it because women also get an education
Today we have the freedom of education 
The freedom to study abroad wherever we want WITHOUT being separated because of race
Our fellow Youth of 1976
Your voices have been heard loud and clear
Your deaths did not go in vain
Your legacy shall live on
Happy Youth Month!