Today’s youth messes around

You gonna find em buried deep into drugs and alcohol,

As if they don’t have a future,

They be messing around with their life.

Having unprotected sex,

Not caring if they gonna get the sick or not.

Hai labantwana how are we gonna bring em back to reality

Yet they die very young,

They live by the sword and they going to die by the sword

Yet they ain’t being careful

Yet they feel proud bout emselves.

How can we stop em from living their lives like they do know

Our parents tried their best to get em in line,

They insult their parents,

They think parents don’t know what’s good for em.

Due to the fact that they old an stuff, but hey re tla ba dirang,

Akere err’one I’d living they on lives

Lemme put it out there, this YOLO thing ain’t right