Your Scars are my favorite parts of you.

The lines cutting through your wrists

Trying to reach for your veins

Those marks that we’re left permanent by traumatic events that occurred in your life

They are my favorite part of you.

Don’t get this wrong, I love you

I love you whole, naked and stripped off every valuable thing in your life.

Your beauty is worth seeing

Your crooked smile is worth showing off

Your weird laugh? It’s worthy to be heard

Oh and…and your presence so worthy to be felt.

You bring out the best in me by simply being yourself

You walk boldly, beautifully, and yet demanding respect, as you step into a room filled with dead and negative mindsets,

You flash your smile only once and you bring ample hope,

You water the dead and polish the living to become the best.

You are a step up ladder for those working on themselves and a luna moon to those whose lives are filled with darkness.

You are simply the best living thing under the blazing hot rays of the sun.

You are me

I am you

and our scars are the favorite parts of us.

Together we are a priceless piece of art.