Baby I asked you to buy vanish
So that I can remove all the stains
As the same way you caused my pain
I wanted to remove every memory that we had
But you acted as if you read my mind
And you just vanished

You vanished when I needed you the most
Since you decided to vanish
I thought I should banish
All the thoughts I have of you in my mind
But you burnt everything that I had
And you left my heart empty
All I had is gone
And you disappeared
Which left my heart and soul disappointed
Because you just vanished

You didn’t care how I felt
You didn’t care who and what is left
I felt so lonely
I had no one to look into
No love
No heart
No mind
No nothing
I was empty
But because of the Emory
I wish you should disappeared with the memories
And your amenities
But you just vanished
You just vanished alone
You just vanished unaccompanied
You just vanish with your heart
You, you left me heartless
You said hurtful things to me
Because you thought you were superior
And I’m inferior
You thought you were perfect
And you left me infected
Which left me addicted
But with all the addiction
You chose to vanish
Vanish singlehanded
You just vanished