You have many reasons to praise him
Before you were born
He had already seen your destiny
In fact, he created it
He preserved you in your mother’s womb
He made it in such a design, you were protected
He had already seen your astounding and vibrant future in you
Point of correction, he gave you that future

When you wake up every day, thank him
It is not easy to come back from the immortal world everyday
Because when someone slept, they didn’t foresee their death
Surprisingly most of us have become supercilious
Against our creator, father and provider
We have become rebellious against the spirit of the lord
Our immortal God
They only went to bed with their head in the clouds
Thinking they would awake the next day
They didn’t
The spirit of death was oblivious
To the fact that it was a soul with hope
Which wasn’t meant to be extinct

Some were unable to only
Because the air from our universe
Wouldn’t support their souls
The same air that held the lives of many
But choked out some and sent them
Straight to the grave
Yet he still keeps you alive
You have many reasons to praise him

When you were busy slumbering
someone out there was travelling
When suddenly a halcyon and vile wind
Gashed through the windows of their car
And it was left completely destroyed
Their death was excruciating and tragic
So, you have a lot of reasons to praise God
“I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!”.
Airless and hopeless
He saved me from corona virus
He gave me air from above to sustain my lungs
In those moments when I felt weak
He gave me strength
A virus that bet the intelligence of doctors
The air that not even well-trained doctors could give
But he saved me
I have many reasons to praise him

we have many reasons to praise him
He takes care of us, blesses us, grants us life, his compassionate towards us, forgives us and showers us with extraordinary love
He loves us unconditionally even that when that person
You kept dear to your heart took away the little trust
You had left, he came in and picked the little tiny
Scattered pieces
He restored you, until you were able to trust again
He is filled with benevolence towards man kind
You have may reasons to praise God.