You are my house, my house, a house

you are my globe in the dark

your smile lights up my house just like

a candlelight, you are my house, a house.

You are the music that I cannot start

my morning without listening to, a great sound.

You are my house my shelter my room,

you are the roof that protects me from

cloudy, sunny and rainy days without you

I am cold without you I am burning.

What is a house without you? can I

survive storms without you my house?


My bed my house my sleep my house,

You are my blanket in the bed.

My pillow to rest my heart, the very

best of me there is no me without

you in my dreams and they will

never be me in my dreams alone.


MY house you complete me, they

will never be me buying a new one,

you the only house I need, the only

a house that keeps me staying today and forever.

I promise I will forever stay my house,

as I built you with love, peace, loyalty,

happiness and power of love you are my house.