I got a confession to make,
That will set me free from fear,
But it will lead to an embarrassment.
This will make my heart to beat as normal as a person’s heart not like an animal heart’s which is always on a race, speed kills,self control lead to long living.

Yes I did it
Yes i have done you wrong
I have ruined everything
Yes I cheated

I feel so ashamed of my myself,
I feel ashamed of my bad reputation,
I am sorry I break the promise I made.

I regret my wrong doings,
I regret my bad behavior in this relationship,
I’m ready to fix everything,
But goodbye is not a solution.

I know I did you wrong
I know that our love won’t be the same again,
But I still want to give it a try and show you how sorry I am,
I know that this sorry it’s just a word sometimes but now I have its action to show,
When I say sorry I don’t expect you to forgive me now ,even in the future you can forgive me
I don’t care how long it takes for you to forgive me because I know that I have really hurt you so bad,please find a heart to forgive me.

I confess because I have realized that cheating is wrong and i guess I still have time to make it ryt,
Fooling around doesn’t help but being honest helps,
No one is clever in a relationship, no one is stupid in a relationship, but I admit I turned into a foolish man who was unsure of what he wants but now I know
I want you, only you the Queen of my heart