Everything has fallen
The queen has fallen
The thrown is broken
What left is the wound in the heart
Tears got dry in chicks

Eyes has the tears of blood
Pain has become breath
Looking around no one there
Getting down in knees
Screaming without a voice

Standing up feeling the pain of a wound
In the heart it’s sour
No one around
I’m lonely
I’m weak

When the days are dark friends are few
Wound keep giving pain
I’m by myself no one can feel my pain
Because I hide it with a smile
Deep down I’m weak

I can see I have fallen
Will i rise again ?
Yes , Because to fail its doesn’t mean
It’s an end of the world
It’s just need you to be tough
And handle what In front of you
Be the change you want to be

You may see yourself as nothing
You may go to difficult times
And make wishes that are impossible
But remember the wound
That somehow ,somewhere
All wound will heal but it’s take time

You just need to be strong in order to get through to something .