“There’s a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

Birds of the same feathers fly together.

Our friendship was so strong,

I still wonder what went wrong.

You were my shoulder to cry on;

I was quickly in giving you aid.

Time is precious in the world!

We used to share our quality time together.

Refreshing, strengthening each other,

Sharing our goals, values and dreams.

I used to look up to you

We used to share our surplus

Our background is almost the same

I called you my friend, admirable one!

Where ever I go, I make your name known,

No matter the distance, you were with me.

I’ve never thought one day; you’ll sideline me

Because of my misfortune in wealth!

I thought we’ll be together in sickness and in health

But you are the one digging for me a pit of death

You don’t wish me good things

Where you’re, I stretched my empty to you

Would you remember my effort in you?

You made me realise that I’m nobody!

I thought we were “birds of the same feathers “

We had no wings during our youths

That’s why we used to lick the dust of the ground

Suddenly you grew wings and soared away

I don’t wish those wings to be unplugged from you

Beat by beat, you forgot about me,

You no longer call upon my name;

We no longer speak the same language,

Because now I’m no longer in your league!

One day, I will close my eyes; I will expire!

Would you remember me? I wonder!