Don’t fight battles that are not between you and your destiny. You have to keep your face set. Don’t waste your valuable time. You have the destiny to fulfil. Avoiding a fight is a mark of honour.

It is easy to get into a conflict. Want to pay people back? That doesn’t take any discipline, not taking debate, not being drawn into a conflict.

Ask yourself, is this battle worth fighting? Or is it a simple distraction? Is it worth getting upset over when you will never see them again?

Do you think they can stop your destiny? The only way that they can hinder you is if you get baited into conflict.

Ignore it, don’t give it your time of the day. When David was sent by his father to give his brother lunch, it happened that his brother insulted him, but the scripture says that David turned and walked away.

He knew which battle to fight. So be like David, do not waste your time on things that won’t fulfil your destiny.