I wonder why some other people did it
Wonder ,keep wondering how many steps left to reach your dream.

Wonder ,wide your mind away and keep wondering how far are you now .?
Wonder stretches your mind by thinking away .

Just keep wondering because God gave us minds to think and execute but not to think nonsense.

We we we…!!! Wonder which dream is right for us to pursue it /chase it

Wonder,keep wondering you can stare at the wall if you like but what is important is to think .

Keep wondering why you have to lift up your underwear and dress.

Keep wondering trust me you going to win it and wonder whom exactly you may trust to him or her.

Wonder who makes you cry and blubber like a baby , who wiped those tears.

Wonder if there were nobody on your side , what would happen.

Wonder,j ust keep wondering who tells you to lift up your spoon and dig to eat your food.

Pls Never stop wondering, wonder some people are sick out there and you are well fine.

Wonder why love hurt sometimes.

Think and look above the sky, just wonder who fed you when you were young

Wonder, just keep wondering about the obstacles that happened long ago and how you survived.

Just think , l mean chat with your mind, what the abstinence you can’t accept in you neighbour or to the strangers .

Nothing wrong it’s just that if you keep wondering you will make it in life .

Wonder your have a legs and you just walking away and you don’t know exactly where are you going..,you just go around but some other people wish to have legs and walk like you but they are disabled

Wonder you have everything but some other people don’t have a cents to buy even their food .

Wonder’ I have a brother called “Wonder “but I don’t speak with him,I am speaking with just wonder.