Why did you do it even when you knew tou were not going to be faithful?
Why promise her happiness while all you give is pain and stress?
Hiw unworthy you took her love and life.

No news is good news but you were never suppose to greet her with unpleasant ones
You made her one of your own and let her destroy her own
She let fo of her life to fulfil her duty as a mother and wife and what did you give her in return?
Pain, heartache, was your marriage to her out of pity or what?

Not only did you destroy her but you shuttered every door that lead to her happiness
You never asked if she was happy, you just lived your life without her while she’s in it
You never loved her and yet you played your fatherly cards well to the innocent souls she give you
What is commitment if there’s no shroud of happiness to spar?

Why marry her if you were never ready for her??
Why make vows you mean to break?