Right into your eyes,

Deep down those beautiful eyes

I can see the love you have for me

I know that you’re so shy

I know that you hardly talk to me

‘Cause I know you’re shy

But why dont you tell me?

Tell me how you feel about me

Why dont you tell me that you love me?

Im not forcing you

Im not trying to make you

Fall in love with me

But I know that you do love me .

I know you have deep feelings,

Deep feelings for me,

But you’re so scared,

Scared I might reject you,

Scared I might hurt your feelings,

Scared I might let you down.

You don’t know how much long,

I’ve waited because I’m strong,

Telling myself that maybe

One day you wil put fear aside

And ask me out .

I wish I could shout

And tell the world

That I would,would love

To be your woman

And you’ll be my man.

But why dont you tell me that you love me?

But I will wait

No matter how long it takes

Because I also feel the same .

It’s been many years since I’ve loved you.

I wish you would love me too

Love me unconditionally

And always stay faithfully

But nowI won’t ask ‘why’

Because the right time will come

Right now it’s not the time,

Time for us to be together

But it will come where it’ll be forever

‘Cause God will be with us

Just the both of us.