When you walked into space,
You moved with so much grace.
Never took into consideration of coming across you.
I just didn’t have any time for feeling blue.
You made me feel so alight in every moment.
Took all my attention by your movement.
The sentence of the indeterminate compassion,
With no conception or comprehension.

On this day and under the glittering sun,
My heart was going to transform into gold.
My stomach had produced bubbles of fun,
As if my soul would never grow old.
Earth has not anything to show fairer,
All bright and sparkling, in the smokeless air.

All I desire was to be devoted to you.
I wanted to be jammed to you with glue.
Your hair is an impression of mine,
And the manner in which you trim it in a line.
I vibe with your ravishing mental,
Only if you knew what was internal.
His swagger got me falling like a leaf in autumn
With the thought of me originating in autumn.