When the soul solely sing
so louder
all I can do is scream
write my fear in a
song of old mom in kitchen
wondering about next mission
Being searching
for place to places
pleasing, praising on
those I placed my pieces
of happiness
My soul sound in ages
Realising souls in cages
from the range I could hear my voice
singing sad song solely
closing wounds of my same pain
running in my feet
feelings frozen
far from freedom
fighting in fear
My eyes iced like a rink
My blood write like ink
all I got faded in sink
now I haven’t ended
still sending my Prayers
All in my past
sore in their present
when the soul solely sing
beats beat my heart
like time to ryhm
Poems I’ve forgotten
unspoken word whisper
Might my dream be here
if is the edge of my tragedy