When she smiles

She took my breath away

She makes me want to pull her

By her braids and kiss her slowly.

Lord am I’m falling inlove

This feeling is so fine so real accompanied

With butterflies. I tell you this love keeps

Me alive. My mood with her never goes down

She is mine I love her.


When she smiles

I swear with her I see the future

Me and her, we could walk miles

Freely like thee birds flying up in the sky

Harmony unharmed just me and her sharing smiles

I’m charmed by her heart

I’m charmed by her beautiful smile

and those beautiful eyes” soft skin

I tell you she is my type.


When she smiles

I connect my body respond

I adore her, her smile brings light

In my dark days” she is a woman

With a warm heart

She is a woman with a soft voice

Its the love we share that heats my heart

To beat hard for her.

Its the love we share that I enjoy more

I choose her that’s how my love flows

I’m keeping her she is the one.

The woman I want to share my life with

When she smiles she makes everything okay.

I’m alive in love with her.