When duty calls
A woman who has just given birth
To a beautiful baby girl
Will leave her new born with
A neighbour and return to work
Because she cannot afford
To lose her job

When duty calls
A man must tighten his belt
And go 4km underground so that
His family cannot die of hunger

When duty calls
The unemployed will be left behind
Holding their chins and
Wondering where to go

When duty calls
Train stations and bus stations
Will be as colourful as the
Ndebele Art
With people from all works of life

When duty calls
Children will be left behind
Borders will be crossed even if
It means crossing illegally

When duty calls
A young woman who is madly in love
Will leave her partner behind
So that she could put food on the table

When duty calls
The less fortunate will have No choice,
But to stand at the Robots and
Beg for a loaf of bread

When duty calls
A Doctor will be forced to pass
Sad news to different families and
Tell them their loved ones are
No more

When duty calls
We must do what we are not
Comfortable doing
Because we care