Was the deed that led to the conception of me regarded that lethal of a sin, hence the plenary appeasement punishment I suffered. Was it to purify me?

Was the female genitalia between my thighs that great of a curse, it provoked impermissible perpetration?

Was it the manner in which I said no and pleaded for you to stop that you loathed, hence the wrapping of your hands around my neck in strangulation?

Was the anguish in my bawling that appalling of a sound to your ears that you resorted to battering me to a pulp in effort to silence me?

Was my fighting spirit that provocative and offensive that I deserved the constant life threats?

Was the blood splash on your clothes not signal enough that I was at your mercy?

Here I am lying cold and lifeless, dumped in a veld for wild dogs to prey on my rotting flesh. My spirit wonders in search for rescue but it too has become hopeless in finding me peace in my death as all it has known was fear and pain in my lifetime.