What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word love?
Personally for me love in this generation has been perceived in the wrong way because most people only think of romanticism when they hear this word.l believe that love is much more than that , as it comes in different forms.Society has so defiantly shaped our ideologies about love in such a way that we have left no room for it to be viewed differently. Exercising, reading books that inspire you , eating healthy and taking care of yourself is a form of self love. Love doesn’t always have to be about boyfriend or girlfriend relationships. Love comes in the gift of giving. Helping others when they are in need without expecting anything in return is a form of love. Love doesn’t always have to be about romenticised fiction.Love is found in the little things such as writing a thank you letter to those who mean the most to you, buying a burger for someone homeless and talking to someone different from you. We should let love move freely in our hearts and lives instead of caging it in a box because love is a strong emotion that binds people together.