It is like a child with no manners

It doesn’t knock

It just enters

Like an uninvited guest.


It is like hidden emotions

That is waiting to be developed,

To be explored,

To be cherished

Those who have it

I don’t want to lose it

The feeling is unique.


Does not judge

It doesn’t criticize

Instead, it brings hope

To those who have lost it

It brings joy to broken hearts

It calms storms of violence

That has clouded my mother

I’m talking about MOTHER NATURE.

If God could renew our hearts

And make us aware of the harm

That our evil spirits have done

If God could infill us with his love

The love that does not judge

The love that restores

I pray that God may infill us with love

Patient love,

That is kind,

Love that does not envy,

Love that is not proud,

I love that is not rude

Love that is not self-seeking

Love that is not easily angered

It does not keep records of wrongs

Love does not delight in envy but rejoices with the truth,

It always protects,

Always trust,

Always hope,

Always perseveres,

Love never fails.


That’s the kind of love

That my heart desires

But where in the world

Would I find such love

My heart is pounding

My soul is searching

For a soulmate