WARNING This piece refers to suicide.


I’ve suffered since the age of 7

I always heard the word depression but never understood what it meant

I never knew what depression was until I experienced it at the age of 12

I’m still depressed right now

I’m sad.

I want to die

People say there are different kinds of depression

I don’t know what mine is, but all I want to do is kill myself

Suicide is always on my mind

Yes, I have supportive friends, but still, I get emotionally damaged

I’m dead inside now.

I’m just waiting for my soul to leave my body

I smile at others but still die inside

What’s the use of being alive if I’m dead inside

I think I should kill myself


And my name is Lerato

We are all going to get to this stage, so be prepared because you get it unexpectedly.

I’m feeling depressed, and no one can help me,

Not even my mom noticed that I am depressed

Don’t even try helping me because there is no use.

I’m incurable

Depressed Teen