I feel

Then do you

Then what makes us different 

Our skin colour?

We were meant to get along

Not to be enemies

We need each other’s hands

To make the world be a better place

Why do you distance yourself from me

Is it because of the rumours?

Is it because of our skin colour?

Why must it limit our movement?

Let us not be labelled

Let us be deaf around negative people

Let us be active in our comfort zone

The knowledge that we receive is not the same 

The care that we receive is not the same

Then what do we have in common

I guess it’s our tears

Call me by a name

And don’t be mad when I call you by it back

The tears I bring on the table

Drains the energy I used to put on the table 

The table is full of water which is my tears

All I see is my reflection 

And that reminds me

Not to forget the skin colour that I have

And the scars that I still need to treat

Let’s put jokes aside 

We are beautiful

And we don’t need to be told

And we don’t have to judge each other

Cause we will benefit nothing from that