Attractive quality of your sideburns was like a lake of Ozarks

Beauty has no size

My eyes are filled with your images

She’s an African queen

She has beautiful appearance of Miss South Africa” Shudufhadzo Musida

What a beautiful soul!

What a beautiful soul!

Your personality has sense of wonder

How did you escape the heaven?

You look beautiful and intelligent, I’m flattered.



I saw perfection in you

I looked into your eyes and I saw Butterfly Galaxies

She walks like” Shudufhadzo Musida

You’re powerful beyond measures!

She’s not just a pretty face

She’s an African queen

I do believe in seeing more than hearing

Your Beauty is like artwork

Indeed I am truly amazed by your personality

She’s different from all the girls that I have met

Beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder.


My eyes were in a rhythm of love

She’s the picture art of poetry

No words can describe you

Your beauty left me unspoken!

You’re source of strength

Flourishing like a Indian rosewood flower on Mount St. Helens

I thank god for creating a beautiful soul like you.


What a beautiful soul!

Even butterflies come and make your colour skin more loveable

You’re everything a man needs in a woman

She’s a true reflection of African queen

All I want is to take care for this African flower

I truly love this African flower.


The End


Written by:legwai Gally Mashifane