A place where your spirit can never be low,
Because they will pray for you.
Then they will offer you a speedpoint.
It’s time to pay for the god they’re selling.
The first one being themselves.
An expensive god.
One impulsive and threatening.

Welcome to Ninkisimu,
Here you’re guaranteed to receive fond family, friends and fellows.
Because this is a place where you can buy loyalty and devotion.
A place of drunk love; a place of ignorant faith.

Welcome to Ninkisimu.
1,2 to the left; shake it. Shake it.
1,2 to the right; and turn around.
This is you dancing to a wedding song.
Over here the women feel compelled to get married.
Because their divorced, widowed, and abused foremothers told them so.
So much successful hypocrisy.

Welcome to Ninkisimu.
The best men send checkbooks and phone calls.
They spend a lot to show love and care.
It’s a pity they’re too broke to spend time.
But anything to ease a conscience, right?
So welcome to Ninkisimu.
You’re all welcome.