Bullying has a very negative effect on the bully, you either succumb or become a bully.
Don’t rip her life and tide in lame.
Please don’t kill her ego like same.
Mr President Lefuno lost her Voice.
Can Lefuno wake up because Mbiwi learners  owe her an apology for robbing her a life and for not standing up for her.
Society has distorted perception of beauty.
I see hate in the bully’s eyes ready to explode like a volcano.
Mr President can you hear my cry?
I’m crying about a Grade 10 learner who was bullied in Silence and she committed suicide after the incident.
Learners are you crying with us?
I camouflage this so well.
They didn’t hesitate for praising Darlene.
They watched and took videos.
You were just worthless to them.
I despite our generation .
She was defenceless yet they continued.
You were there to be feed with Education.
May your Soul rest in Power.
You were a beautiful flower.
Your name will be a proof that you were once here and your voice was not heard.
May we gather around and be one Nation.
Let’s Stop bully in school or else where.