We told ourselves that we’ll succeed .
We promised ourselves and all our desires agreed .
The pressure is mounting
Our families are doubting
We are losing the battle
We keep forcing the hustle
The results don’t change
Everything day we miss by inch

They tell us we will win again
The problems fall on us like rain
The positive attitude is fading
And we stand here waving

Steve Harvey is out there motivating.
Steve Jobs is out here creating .
Karma is playing our heads
Drama unwittingly blows our breads .

We are unmotivated
More like unequited .
We are very enthusiastic
At the same time realistic .
Makhadzi is out there celebrating
Broken generation out here dancing .
We are obsessed with fun
Boyfriend pointing gun .
Situation get deeper and dimmer
Hence we cry for better and summer.
We are unmotivated
More like unequited