You lay an X on a ballot paper

And it stabs you in the back


They speak ’til the corners of their lips are filled with saliva

Promising us a better life


27 years of democracy,

And we’re still survivors

Holding placards for mere human rights


All they give us are t-shirts with their faces

Telling us we’re one in this struggle

But they’ll never switch places


They gorge funds meant for the poor

Enlarging their already protruding bellies

This game is getting sour

People are dying

This country is on fire


The ink is drying

The promises aren’t coming

That’s the sad reality of this country

The future is dark

The struggle heroes fought for nothing

The big slice is eaten by big wigs

And the crumbs are left over for us


They give sarcastic speeches and Cheshire grins while stuffing their pockets

Driving big machines while young children are walking kaalfoot to school

Spending thousands on campaigns instead of giving people shelters


They want to be hailed as heroes

  • But what have they done for our people?