To my special woman “Vicente”
A truly born Conqueror, just like the meaning of the
Precious name she powerfully carries!
She is a Conqueror of my heart
A truly coloniser of my soul!
She stills the waves of my heart into a whisper
As she harmonizes them to dance to the rhythm of Her tune!

She’s the dazzling sun, that reside behind mountains in which I had to hike the highest
mountains… Oh even higher than the Kilimanjaro,
I had to hike, for me to see and familiarize myself with her bright smile
Ooh… what a smile?… Baby girl, smile again and pause…Let me quickly screen shoot you and frame your smile in the deepest memories and thoughts of my soul for it truly fondles my inner part!!!

Describing how much I love you, will be like defining how blood flows within my veins… Which is totally an equation with a non-existent solving!
Even Shakespeare couldn’t find the right words
That embodies the true love I have for you!!!
Everytime I find myself in your arms…
I marinate my soul with your embrace and away from you, I feel the pernicious chastisement of your absence, within me

Vicente, I want you to know that you will forever be the vital instrument that keeps the chords of my heart in the harmony of your melody!!!
The stars and the beauty of the ocean, rejoiced when my heart crowned you queen
For nature knew that a new dominion of love and careness was to reign upon Her treasures

Our souls mingled
When our eyes bingled and that was a chemistry
That caused a jingle between us! A mystery that could never be understood in eyes of men
Only you and I knew what was happening in our intimate world, we knew that the creator was bringing together what was meant to be before the existence of the stars .
The moon and the sun bowed down and glorified the union of our souls for it was said that
” True love was born again ” in the planet of men
The veil of ignorance was grasped off our eyes
And there was the unrevealed truth that we were soulmates, chosen to abound in utter love and intimacy, United before the foundation of the world was brought together!!!

Cause you truly, truly are a Conqueror
Surely the bearers of this name, are conquerors
But you, you are a special one…You conquered the Unconquered…Where many have failed,
You overruled!!!
I love you… You, my rose of Sharon
The Lily of my valley