I am jealous of all the people who have had the opportunity to hug you
Because for a moment they held my whole world in their arms
As long as the world keeps turning I’ll be admire you like a flame that’s always burning
We still have each other like birds love fair weather
You found me lost in the middle of a stormy night
Please show the entrance to your heart
Because we still have our darker sides
You have experienced plenty of heartbreak
I feel like my whole autumn was part of your destiny.

In her smile I see something more beautiful than the great deal of sadness
You helped me to forget my brutal past and sorrows
I still hear you whisper the three magical words
You made me realize that world is a beautiful place
Let’s have journey together and emplane our way to Ushaka Marine World
Take me back to the night we met
Please take me back to the day we met
We are like the bright moon shows its gleaming.