How do I portray this story in a simplest form?
Oh !!
I’ll lay my heart bare for all the humankind to read.
Here’s my soul please listen to melodies it echos.
Look deep into my eyes and read in between the lines.
Take off your shoes and wear mine for a minute.
Walk a mile in them, you will tell others how it feels being me.
I’ve took off my gloves
No don’t look aside, see the bruises on my fists I got from crashing the walls built before me.

Insert one finger inside one of my shoes, smell it.
It ain’t sweat but the blood of my own from running the streets in shoes filled with thorns, locking horns with nemesis that I never even wronged.
Look deep inside me, a heart that people say it is stone-cold is actually pure and sincere even thou it is in shambles.
How I’ve been humble regardless of all the betrayals and humiliations I’ve encountered.
This is one of my untold stories.

How I’ve choked at words that I’ve tried to swallow whilst avoiding hurting other people’s feelings neglecting mine.
I’ve been enslaved by thoughts that I’ve never shared.
Before you mock and criticize me again, walk a mile in my shoes.
Feel the thorns slowly piercing your feet with every step you take that pain going straight to your shuttered heart.
I’ve walked upon coals and the cold roads
Trying to turn dreams into reality.
Trying to accomplish every fairytale I’ve had in my head
As a child and every little dream I ever dreamed of.
Mock me for trying.
I need to be exonerated from this pain and humiliation
All the mankind has put me through.