Just a quick one in a restaurant
Two at their teens, young and vibrant
Her wearing light fair skin in dreadlocks
Locked underneath a white sport cap
Exposing her just ears in semi medium rings
In light brownish check shirt in her opposite
Is he in light dark skin wear, a young man
With short neat combed hair in his natural
The flowing spark between them shouts
Hails new love at it’s rise, see their look
See how she looks at him, how she smiles
How he pretends not to be in it shyly
The reciprocity in their atmosphere
As she prompts he to smile a little bit
He keeps looking at that menu
And she pretends not to notice the action
She keeps giving him a shine with a smile
While he keeps hand covering his mouth
In returning that mutual feeling of happiness
Their aura of interaction does no justice
To a man like me having a lunch alone.