Time is not on your side,

Wake up,

Dust yourself off,

Don’t look back,

Know what happened has happened,

And there’s nothing you can do to undo,

Forgive yourself,

Move on,

For how long would I keep on fearing??

You don’t have to be perfect.

Because we’re humans,

And we make mistakes!!

This life is your journey,

Each and everything you do,

You’re not doing it for anyone,

You’re doing it for yourself,

When it comes to your future,

Forget about naysayers,

Stop beating yourself up,

For how long are you gonna keep on doubting yourself??


You’re tired,

It’s about time to let go of everything,

That holds you back.

Come out of that depression,

Come out of that darkness,

I know it’s not easy,

Just give it a try,

Just one step at a time,

Like a baby who still learns how to walk,

Because you’re the only one who can save yourself,

Be your own hero,

Because people came and go,

The word forever doesn’t exist,

Be a fighter!

Don’t try to satisfy all people.

Stand up!

Stand tall!

Stand high!

Chin up!

Is life a gift?

Is life a war?

Trying is always the best,

Face each and every situation,

You come across,

And act accordingly,

Open your eyes!

Life is not fair,

Life is fair!

Bad situations are part of life,

Good days are also part of life.