I hate arrogance but yours makes excites me so deeply.
I do not even know your name, but you already hold so much space in my head.
So much that I cannot help but smile each time you cross my mind.
I haven’t had such wonderful thoughts in a while.
These are my unspoken words.
I wonder if I ever cross your mind from time to time.
If you smile as much as I do when you cross mine.
Or is this just another one-sided fantasy that I need to put to rest.
These are my unspoken words.
I wonder how life would be like with you.
If you are as carefree and goofy as I imagine you to be.
Or if you have moments of seriousness that I should never disturb.
These are my unspoken words.
I am writing all of these in BLUE INK!
I prefer black; I find it neater.
But that does not matter since these unspoken words are being written with you in mind.
Perhaps this is simply another high school boy crush.
Perhaps I should lay off the leaves, for each time I indulge in them they take me to a special space.
A space with you. . .
A space to share all these unspoken words and more with you.