I’m looking for a place without feelings.
A stone cold place to turn my tears into ice and my heart into stone.
An unimaginative place where my head won’t paint your face.

But, even in my darkest dreams you shine like new jewellery.
A single touch from your hands neutralises all the thoughts of self worth.
My heart has me caged in a garden full of flowers and I am the one you would pick last.
I turned blue and dark through out the seasons but you didn’t water me to grow. Instead you pulled a root from me to plant the flower you cherish the most.

Out of insecurity, I became yellowish. Only to find out you disguise yellow if it is on me.
Out of jealousy. I suck up all the water, but yet again you picked the darkest flower to smell.

But still then I wait for you to pick me up, to smell my scent.