I unfasten my life foyer,
For you to access my frontier,
Assuming our relationship was more than just friends…
And I snatched it to the next phase.

I inserted you so deep into my nerves,
For I expected you to feel the sound of my joint,
I needed you to understand the depth of my pains.
And I wanted to share my happiest moment with you.

You were more than just a pal,
but more like very tight kin.
That’s why I never questioned trusting you with all my deeds.
I shared my downfall and upgrades with you.
For when I see you a saw a trustworthy ally!

But with my action
With all my conviction
Despite every single moment that I shared with you…
You didn’t attend to, for you, had only one agenda,
To be so close to me, so you can bring me down.
You let my enemies enter the entrance of my life to defeat me.
I was unaware that you left a loophole,
you invite all scavengers to come and steal my fortune.

I still remember! , do you?
When I cry myself to sleep, for I was wealthless.
You stood by the side, hold my shoulder and confirm it was going to be fine.
You watched me shared my sorrowful tears,
When you knew you were behind all my loss.
You rejoiced in undercover for my downfall,
You cheered in silence for my slips.
And I still trusted you handful,
For I was not familiar with your true colors.

What are we, if I may ask?
Are you of a portion of my life as I described you?
Are you a close kin, that I can trust with all my beings?
Then why all this acts?